The Greatest Brainteasers of All Time is a collection of more than 100 classic brainteasers, ranging from the simple to the fiendishly difficult.  Each brainteaser comes with at least one hint, and detailed solutions are provided to the more difficult problems.  Puzzle afficianados are sure to find many old friends here, but likely some new challenges as well.  Brainteaser novices can use the handy index of puzzles, ranked by degree of difficulty, to find puzzles of an appropriate level.

The brainteasers cover all of the different puzzle genres, including logic, mathematics, words, geometry, physics and more.  The collection begins with 10 "best of the best," followed by ten more of the author's favorites, and then 5 or 10 more puzzles in each genre.

The book is now available for purchase in a soft-cover edition and should be available for purchase in electronic form in Summer 2015.  If you would like to purchase the book on line, click here.  If you would like an email when the electronic edition  becomes available, click here.

For a sample of the kind of brainteaser you will find in The Greatest Brainteasers of All Time, go to the Brainteaser of the Month page.